The Orange Regional Conservatorium offers a wide range of fun, inclusive and educational ensembles to suit all ages and abilities.

The ORC Big Phatt Jazz Band

You may not realise, our ensembles are open to all members of the public! So if you’re a musician of any skill level looking for another creative outlet, why not consider joining in the fun here!

Ensemble playing is not only fun, but is vital to the development of all musicians. Reading, musicianship, aural skills and much more all benefit from group playing.

Not sure which ensemble may best suit you? Don’t worry! Get in contact with us and we’ll help you choose, or organise to come along to a rehearsal to try it out.

We also offer flat fee discount to any ensemble member who participates 2 or more groups:
Two ensembles: $150 flat fee
Three or more ensembles: $180 flat fee