Christmas Hours

funThe Orange Regional Conservatorium will be closed to the public from Friday 18th December 2015 to Monday 25th January 2016.

If you are inquiring about become a student of the ORC, please attend our Enrolment Day on Wednesday 27th January 2016 10am to 2pm and meet out tutors.

Concerto Concert

Congratulations to the Orange Youth Orchestra, Prem Love and the Concerto winners Rhoslyn Carney and Lucy Clarke-Randazzo. Friday evening was so delightful and inspiring. The Concerto Concert was a fantastic example of the ability and skill these young musicians have harnessed.

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Chamber Music Concert # 3

Friday night saw the close of the 2015 Chamber Music Series. This series was based on the theme “Music and Words”. The concerts were produced by Laith Ismail and Ana Castillo. Words were researched by Lee Britton, one of the amazing ORC Volunteers┬áthat we have on board.

Friday nights concert was well received and finished with an encore. Performances were delivered by Laith Ismail, Heejin Kim, Alina Zborowski, James Buchanan and Stephen Somerville,

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Adrian Keating

Adrian Keating who is the Principal Violin with the Australian Opera will be visiting the Orange Regional Conservatorium on Saturday 31st October to conduct a masterclass and workshop for any interested string players.

The Masterclass will run from 9am to 10:30am in the ORC auditorium. Cost is $30/participant and $5/audience member.

The workshop is a Contemporary String Ensemble Workshop. It commences at 11am and concludes at 12:30pm. Participants will be working with Adrian on his arrangements for string orchestra of Beatles, Coldplay and The Police classics. Recommended for 4th grade level and above. Cost is $10/participant.

There will be a free concert for parents and friends at the conclusion of this workshop.

Places are limited so please register today at the ORC Admin – 63617974.