School Programs

“Children with a music background listen better, concentrate longer, think more clearly, work happily in abstraction, are less distracted in class and tend to be high achievers in all fields of study” – Richard Gill OAM

Orange Regional Conservatorium is one of seventeen Regional Conservatoriums throughout NSW that are supported by the Department of Education and Communities to promote and implement quality school music programs to students of all ages.

The ORC plays an integral role in many district schools, offering a variety of programs that have been tailor-made to enhance and contribute to a strong school culture and enhance learning opportunities for school students. The Small Schools Instrumental Program is one such program that has been developed for Orange district schools whose enrolment is under 100.

ORC in Local Schools

K-6 Creative Arts Syllabus Music requirements:

“In Music, students develop knowledge and understanding, skills, values and attitudes in Performing, Organising Sound and Listening by experiencing musical concepts (duration, pitch, dynamics, tone colour, and structure) within a wide range of Repertoire through a sequential and planned process of teaching and learning.” (BoS 2006 p.12, emphasis added).

By Stage 3, students should have received sufficient Music Education so as to “sing, play and move to a range of music, both as individuals and in group situations, demonstrating an understanding of musical concepts. They organise musical ideas into compositions, using notation systems to record these ideas. Students listen to a range of familiar and unfamiliar music with a sense of understanding, appreciation and discrimination.” (BoS 2006 p.21)