Musicianship is vital to the development of every musician, the ORC offers a structured and comprehensive approach for all skill levels and styles. We provide expert guidance through the AMEB musicianship courses, both classical and contemporary.

Studying musicianship will equip students with a fundamental and practical understanding of music literacy that greatly enhances their instrumental ability. AMEB musicianship is also compulsory for any student grade 6 and above, so why wait?

Class Times:

Monday 4:00 – 5:00pm
Wednesday 5:00 – 6:00pm
$100 per term.
Classes held in ORC Library

Why do Musicianship classes?

To become a holistic musician you should adopt the following:
•    a high level of technical achievement – which can only be achieved through careful, well structured practice.
•    performance – it is what musicians live for!  The constant exposure also helps to conquer the nerves and the anxieties associated with being on stage.
•    musicianship – as the word suggests, is the underlying knowledge of being a musician and the backbone behind each great masterpiece.  Musicianship is the study of music notation, harmony, analysis, history, composition, and the training of aural skills.

It is crucial to commence musicianship study – especially ear training – whilst young, so it becomes second nature. A common mistake is to leave it until exam times. This is ineffective, creates a stressful situation and all but defeats the purpose of aural training.

Tuition is available in the form of one-to-one, shared classes (maximum of three people), and group classes.  The students who have undergone musicianship training do and feel better in their music studies, examinations and performances. At Orange Regional Conservatorium, our musicianship staff are highly qualified and creative and will ensure that each lesson is interesting and fulfilling.