The New Building

We have been dreaming of a purpose built music education and performance facility since the very beginning, now that time has come!

After securing $10 million of federal infrastructure funding, Orange City Council have committed a further $5 million to the project and are now in the process of applying for the remaining amount needed from NSW Government. With construction expected to begin within the next couple of years, it is a very exciting time for the Orange Regional Conservatorium.

This new building will be a combined Arts, Education and Science faculty, comprised of a Conservatorium, Recital Hall and Planetarium.

Artists Impression, west entrance – recital hall entry

What Will Be Inside?

  • 250 Seat Recital Hall (designed specifically for music performance)
  • 40 Teaching Studios
  • 4 Dedicated Rehearsal Spaces (expandable to 2 large spaces)
  • Early Childhood Music Room
  • Musicianship Classroom
  • Music Library
  • Administrative Spaces and Offices
  • Dedicated Instrument Storage
  • Dedicated Green Rooms and Backstage Facilities
  • An 80 seat Planetarium and science education facility

Why Do We Need a New Conservatorium?

There are three main reasons we a new, purpose built Conservatorium:

  • We have run out of room. We have over 35 professional musicians and teachers working at the ORC and over 600 students and ensemble members. Currently, we have only18 teaching studios and no dedicated rehearsal spaces.
    And we are still growing! Each day we take new enrolments while our teachers have trouble finding rooms to teach in and our largest ensembles have nowhere to rehearse apart from our current auditorium.
  • Our current building is ageing badly and can no longer meets our needs.
    What started life as a church on a battle-axe block, has been retrofitted as much as it can be, and the site itself has become too small for our needs. Although we love the auditorium, the studios are small or ill-suited, the roof leaks, the access is problematic and much of it is beyond repair.
  • This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a purpose built Music, Education and Science faculty in a regional area. We are committed to making this new building accessible and inviting to all members of the public, in the hope of it becoming a hub for Orange music and art’s communities.

Where Will The New Building Be Located?

The new building will be located in Orange’s Cultural Precinct, alongside the current Theatre, Library, Art Gallery and Museum. It will be constructed in the open area behind the Library and along March Street, leaving plenty of room for the Art Gallery extension and Orange Farmers Markets.

Development Application Submitted

L-R Orange Planetarium inc. President Rod Somerville, Councillor Russell Turner, ORC Director Donna Riles, Mayor Reg Kidd.

Do you have a question?

We are currently creating an F.A.Q for this project and are seeking feedback from our community as this project moves rapidly forward. Submit your question below, we will respond to as many as possible and publish the most frequently asked on this page.