Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update Monday 23rd March 2020

Re: Coronavirus (COVID-19)  Update Monday 23rd March 2020

Further to recent advice of the Australian Government Department of Health, NSW Health and the NSW Department of Education, we continue to review activity on a daily basis.

Please be assured that we are working hard to care for and communicate to our community. I thank you for your patience through this complicated time. Below is an outline of what will happen at the ORC this week.

  1. ALL FACE-TO-FACE ensembles, including musicianship and ECM (any group) will be cancelled immediately (including today’s groups).
  2. Our teachers are transitioning from FACE-TO-FACE to ONLINE (Skype/Zoom) lesson teaching.   You will be contacted by your teacher so the details can be arranged.   Some teachers have commenced ONLINE already with great feedback.
  3. FACE-TO-FACE individual lessons can proceed this week.
  4. ONLINE will be in place and ready to work with by next Monday 30th March. 
  5. The ORC gate will close to students at Close of Business this Friday 27th March 2020.  
  6. Teaching via ONLINE will continue at the normal scheduled lesson times/days – negotiate any changes directly with your teacher.

Here are some basic guidelines we would like you and your family  to observe whilst learning remotely:

  1. Where possible, please have student/parent/carer use the ORC Music Practice Diary to record lesson details, and be in close proximity for younger school-aged students 
  2. Keep communication channels open between yourself and the teacher by sharing expectations, responsibilities, learning environment, student well-being, technology.
  3. We are considering offering lessons to students over the official school holiday period,  if that is something you would like to take up please discuss this with your teacher.  However, this would only proceed with your mutual agreement.
  4. We are here to assist!

You may not know:   Most of the musicians who teach at the Conservatorium are casual staff – they don’t receive income if lessons or ensembles don’t proceed.   So we are asking you to work with us in the move to ONLINE so that we can support our amazing teachers and further strengthen our community.  And we’re really hoping that with much more time at home, our students can continue their music education, practice more, and be become better than ever!!!

Here is a link for parents of school aged students, from the NSW Department of Education, about learning at home.

Kind regards,