2018 Ensemble Fees

Dear Ensemble Members

We are grateful to you for your commitment to our ensembles and congratulate you for your recent performances. We are delighted by the way they have flourished this year.

Next year it will become necessary to increase the fee on each of our ensembles. We have avoided increasing them for nearly 10 years now, but to ensure we are running them as efficiently as possible, the ORC Board have requested we increase them slightly in 2018.

What we would like to offer you, is the opportunity to join two ensembles for the REDUCED rate of only $150 per term or join three or more ensembles for only $180. This means you can join as many as you like and pay no more than $180 per term.

Please find our new rates below for 2018.

Thank you for your valued support and we look forward to enriching opportunities to Inspire Create and Enjoy in 2018.

Big Phatt Jazz Band 1 hour $110.00
Caesura Choir 1 hour $110.00
Chamber Choir 1 hour $110.00
Crescendo Choir 45 min $95.00
Encore 1.5 hours $120.00
Junior Jazz Band 45 min $95.00
Junior Guitar Ensemble 45 min $95.00
Junior Strings 45 min $95.00
Little Singers 45 min $95.00
Orange Youth Orchestra 2 hours $120.00
Senior Flute Ensemble 1 hour $110.00
Symphonic Wind Ensemble 1.5 hours $120.00
The ConChords 45 min $95.00
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