Golden Guitar winner visits the ORC for two day song writing workshop


DSC_0436Acclaimed musician and two time golden guitar winner Mike Carr lent his knowledge and expertise to the kids of the ORC today as part of a two day song writing course. With help from local musician Kyle Manning, the two artists explained some of the techniques needed to be a successful, as well as professional lyricist.

“I think great songs come from how you feel. Ability is important, but it’s all about passion,” Mr. Carr said.

Mr Carr has worked with various famous artists in the music industry, from country musicians such as Graeme Connors to the likes of Jessica Mauboy.

The kids were eager to learn with pen and paper in hand as they were taught one of the world’s oldest talents, which Mr Carr says has changed very little in structure throughout the last century.

“Everyone has an attachment to music, and everyone loves it in some capacity. Even large blockbuster movies would be nothing without good music to bring out the emotion and drama,” Mr Carr said.

Winter Workshops


Our Winter Workshops have been announced!

Jump in on a Jazz Improvisation class, learn the guitar, the violin, test your song writing skills with Mike Carr….the list goes on!

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