Admin and Marketing

137Anita Craw Sisley
Marketing & Community Manager

Whether it is creating brand awareness, developing code, whipping up a poster or looking for more sponsors and performance opportunities for the ORC ensembles Anita does it with a smile and unrestrained enthusiasm. Anita has a passion for people and a passion for learning. Anita has a Diploma in Hospitality Management, B.A. Fine Arts with University of Newcastle and a B.A. Multimedia with Charles Sturt University. She is currently learning to be an apiarist. She had a very exciting day in 2015 when a swarm of bees visited the ORC. Anita previously started and owned 2 successful businesses, exhibited her artworks in solo and group exhibitions and she has jumped in a frozen lake in Sweden. She has worked in management through a variety of industries including Advertising to Hedge Funds and Equities.



Vicki Regan

Vicki takes care of the ORC high level finance. Nothing excites her more than balancing the GST, submitting payments and running pays. Vicki is tertiary qualified in Accounting.

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